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Druid helps clients, partners and employees to connect more efficiently with your business in a very intuitive and personal way.

We enhance human conversation within the enterprise world...

The Druid is an intelligent chat bot that empower employees, customers and partners to digitally communicate with your business and enterprise systems in the most intuitive, efficient and human-like way.

Each employee, client, supplier or business partner in your business gets a Druid assistant.

The Druid applies modern technologies and design principles, providing a familiar (chat) user experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices. You enable users to interact with complex business systems even when they do not have access to them. Druid’s assistance reduces the time spent by employees with data operation (non-productive time) and increases data quality, therefore reducing the overall costs for the same output. transforming into action through an intelligent assistant

Druid for your Business

  • Help digitizing operational flows within the company, connecting in a digital platform all operational business actors and disparate systems;
  • Pull and send data into the complex operational business systems (such as ERP, CRM or BI)
  • Help old systems keep pace with new trends;
  • Act as self -assistants for each role employees, clients, suppliers and business partners across all lines of business, tasks and devices.

Druid for your Customers

Report issues, find information, pull reports, and more – all without tying up support staff resources or waiting long minutes on the line.

  • Assist your customers via their favorite messaging apps;
  • Enhance the customer service experience by providing rapid answers;
  • Get insights of what your costumer wants;
  • Increase customer engagement by assuring perpetual engagement and proactive interaction.

Druid for your Employees

Your systems become closer to employees and stimulate them to quickly adopt this innovative way of working which translates into reduced non-productive time spent in operating in different complex business systems.

  • Transform a Sales representative in a very effective person;
  • Efficientize a Field technician;
  • Simplify the HR Experience.

...and enhance and customize its skills and connectivity through our platform

The Druid Platform gives companies the rich features needed to extend and customize chatbot skills and connectivity towards different enterprise systems, without unnecessary development complexity. Through its conversational design flow you can easily train your intelligent assistant and based on in-built cognitive services and AI components can turn human requests and system data into conversations.

Furthermore, Druid Platform brings you at a fingerpoint, dashboard capabilities in order to get granular data on how your Druid is giving and receiving feedback and more other indicators.

What Druid can do for you!

Every Process. Every role. Every Industry.

Technology Stack

The DRUID platform gives enterprises the necessary building block to clear the hurdle of “how” when it comes to designing, building, testing, and deploying AI-powered chatbots. This one-stop solution provides a scalable, secure, configurable and extendable foundation to create chatbots that perform a wide range of intelligent tasks, communicate with people and systems, and leverage data to drive actionable employee and customer engagements across channels.

Our Platform’s robust and flexible architecture runs in the cloud using Microsoft Azure infrastructure, and can connect with on-premise and online systems, ensuring it addresses the most complex IT and business requirements.

Main solution components:

  • Conversation Flow Engine
  • Middleware and run time execution
  • Common Data Model
  • Artificial intelligence stack (language recognition and processing , text and imagine recognition)
  • Enterprise Integration Framework

Security & Compliance

Druid platform follows the strictest guidelines for security and compliance regardless of industry, from customer information to proprietary business data.

Technology Stack

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